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M embers (according to the photo, from left to right)


Vick Rock / Guitar, vocals

Mammoth / Bass, vocals, percussions

Unholy DeathHammer / Drums

Sobs / Guitar, classical guitar


Arkos has been around since 2013, when the band was a solidly based black metal quintet. Since then, the quintet has become a quartet and a guitarist has left to be replaced.


The band originally from Sherbrooke and now based in Montreal produced the EP "Infernal" at the very beginning of its history, and then released two albums, "Black Moon Ritual" and "Tribe". The project will launch an EP in March 2022, "Forges", which will be the first in a trilogy.


Arkos' music has always been evolving. The black metal roots will always be present, but their other influences are always more important, while we can notice the presence of thrash metal, folk and progressive in their musical approach, among others.

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