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Subscription advantage: Production Melogy 

-Melogy store and distribution with our partners
-Interview with one or more partner media
-Access to all Melogy production merchandise for your group as a pre-order or individually (see EM costs)
-All the profit in YOUR POCKETS!
-Key in hand!

-Prototype of new merchandise in research and development in the colors of your group!
- Priority service on our orders
-Many loyalty gifts!

* Screen printing pattern: For making t-shirts, hoodies, long sleeves, patches, etc.
* Dies: For making guitar and bass picks
* Shipping to CANADA is free for everything!
* Delivery outside of Canada possible against shipping costs


The official

-One of your titles on the Melogy international promo compilation * When the number of subscribers allows us (5 and more)

-A free demo of a DTF printing t-shirt


The permanent

Your guitar pick matrix will be made and ready to produce!

15 free picks!


The accomplished

A screen printing pattern will be made ready to produce! 

Valid for one-color printing (beautiful, good, inexpensive)

(this removes the assembly costs for an order or a pre-order on your store) 

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