Elf3n Li3d musicbox

Elf3n Li3d musicbox

220,00C$ Prix original
176,00C$Prix soldé

Superb handmade by a professional woodcrafter
LIMITED to 25 !! Numeroted and signed .

- Solid Brass hardware (not stainless gold colored)
- 18 notes Mechanical Mechanism with open/close mechanism

- Choice between standard wood (video), maple hardwood  or cherry hardwood.
- REAL Highest quality red Velvet (not a cheap paint )
- Rubber feet
-''Lilium'' interior plate 
- Red Cherry stain (like anime)
2013 picture is softwood
2014 picture is maplewood
Black box is ebonywood *special order , not in buyer choice 

*the cherry wood and Special exotic wood can be take more time for receive the wood (can be take 3 more weeks ) *


**Standar wood : 2 at 4 weeks 

**Maple and Cherry hardwood : 6 at 10 weeks 


From the best builder elfen lied box in the market !
http://youtu.be/u2M9U0u6Xy0 Good luck !

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